The Issues


Chris Trakel is committed to the people of Idaho first. He knows property tax has gotten out of control and many people are facing very difficult times as they continue to rise. He promises to never support any type of increase in any tax. Relief needs to come from the state in the form of budget cuts and an end to overspending, not in raising taxes as many Idaho legislators push for.


This particular issue has been a major concern in Idaho. Chris Trakel will advocate for the removal of Common Core. We as Idahoans need to keep control of our educational standards. Parents lose their rights and power when the Federal Government gets involved. Keep the decisions of our children’s education in Idaho where it belongs.

Gun Rights

The 2nd Amendment is crucial for protecting all of our God-given rights. Chris Trakel believes our gun rights must be protected and defended with tenacity. This means no red flag laws, no bans on weapon type or ammo capacity, and no legislation that would attempt to take away our right to bear arms.

Personal Rights

Our rights were given to us by God, not granted to us by the government. That is something we must never forget. The Government’s place is to understand this and to protect what already belongs to all of

Limited Government

The government is constantly encroaching into every aspect of our lives and taking control. As this happens, we lose personal rights. Government must be limited and the power of control must remain with the people. A government must fear the people it serves or we the people will never be free.


Chris Trakel stands firmly on this issue. All life is precious and is entitled to be given a chance. He understands this is a very controversial concern but strongly believes the unborn child must be protected.


Stay Informed

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Chris Trakel is a retired U.S. Marine combat veteran. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.